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Marketing, the fuel for your website

If your website was a car then marketing would most definitely be the fuel. Marketing is an exercise that boosts your business, website, or products' presence and can include a blend of solutions. Whether it be a simple email campaign, or a comprehensive social media strategy we're here to help.

Some of the Marketing and Search Engine Optimisation related services we can provide as part of your solution are outlined for you here:

Our role in your marketing

It's our job to get to know your business, understand your target audience, and offer our thoughts on what might improve your return on investment, increase market penetration or make those customers happy.

What works in some cases will most definitely not apply to everyone. It's easy to say "you need email marketing", but without truly understanding exactly how you interact with your customers, and what they look for from a company in your industry sector it's difficult to gauge what blend of solutions are appropriate.

It's like finding a needle in a haystack

Search Engine Optimisation is all about anticipating the way people will search for your website, the keywords they will type and the search engines they will use.

As part of a Search Engine Optimisation campaign we discuss what keywords and phrases you would like to be found for and investigate which are likely to be possible to achieve, and which are too competitive to tackle. Conducting a competitor analysis is a useful activity, combining this and your own suggestions with the likes of your analytic's will give a great insight into what will work and what won't.

These activities and more are vital in conducting a measured SEO campaign. When all is decided, the website should be structured and copy written in such a way that the search engines will love, without compromising the overall user experience.

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Give your strategy some ammo

A marketing strategy, whether it be email, social media or virals should be quantifiable. Collecting information and researching the present can give you an excellent understanding of the approach to take for the future.

We strongly encourage the use of analytics in any campaign, it's vital in order to understand your users, what's more, if you don't currently use analytics we'll happily add it to your site so that you can gauge your current performance, free of charge. - That's how important we feel it is to the whole process!

Ask us about adding google analytics to your website.