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Email Marketing Management

Email marketing is a cost effective marketing tool that allows you to quantify your results more reliably than a printed campaign. Did we mention it's substantially cheaper than a stamp!

Email Marketing Management

Email marketing is a useful and cost effective marketing tool that can be used to promote products, services, events and other activity that is important to your customers - or potential customers.

The cost of sending traditional printed mail-shots has increased in recent years, leaving email marketing a firm favourite across many industries.

A good email marketing list can generate up to 38x the cost - significantly higher return on investment than other popular offerings like social media, search and display/PPC advertising.

Here are a number of reasons why you should consider email as part of your marketing mix.

1. Reach.

Social media can provide access to over 2 billion active users but this doesn't come close to email accounts, which were projected to reach nearly 5 billion by 2017. Pretty much everyone that uses the web nowadays has access to an email account in order to make online purchases, signup for websites and even to access their social media accounts.

2. Tangible Results & Return On Investment

Being able to quantify your marketing medium is a fantastic asset - Our email marketing dashboard enables you to track each campaign in great detail. In combination with a website analytics package such as Google Analytics you can track your email subscriber from open to click to conversion in order to gain full clarity on the success of your campaign.

If this wasn't enough, numerous studies have shown significant return on investment for email marketing solutions with figures often quoted in excess of 30-40 times the investment.

3. Scalability

Every smart marketer knows that building relationships is fundamental to successful inbound marketing, and in much the same way that SEO's create appropriate useful content for a website, marketing automation is at hand to allow you to build email conversations that are relevant, personal and timely for tens of thousands of people at a time.

4. Consumer Testing

Most products undergo some form of consumer testing during their life-span and email marketing is no different. If you have concerns about how a particular campaign might pan out, or want to try out a new feature within your mailing then our email platform enables you to run an A/B split test which sends multiple variations to part of your audience, then sends the more engaging variation out to the remainder of your list - all done in real time, based on the live response from your customers.

5. Design

Email design has come a long way in recent years and enables us to produce more creative and exciting layouts than we would have been able to in the past. A professionally designed and sent email campaign will look tons better than one sent from your own email account.

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