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Search Engine Optimisation / Content Strategy

We can help to build your search engine position and write effective content.

Search Engine Optimisation / Content Strategy

SEO is conducted as part of your online marketing activity and involves us identifying how your target market uses search to find your website (and competitors). Once we have an understanding of this, we can work with you to develop an appropriate content building strategy.

Gone are the days when SEO companies crammed keywords into your website, accepted practice now is that search is very much quality content driven, with the now synonymous "content is king" phrase being used throughout the industry.

Optimising your website typically covers a variety of tasks ranging from website content, establishing backlinks, technical changes i.e. html, accessibility issues etc, sitemaps.

How Search Engine Optimisation can help your business

Search engine optimisation isn't an instant win and we'd never try to pull the wool over your eyes in that respect. SEO typically involves a continued strategy over a period of 6 to 12 months minimum and aims to improve your search engine position using recognised / best practice processes. If your competitors aren't already conducting SEO or Content Building activities then you're ahead of the curve, if they are then you need to start catching up - The longer you leave it the more difficult it will become to reach your search goals.

The obvious benefits are increased website traffic and increased conversions from sales lead to sale (ROI) over your competitors. SEO is a natural fit with other marketing activity and when used in conjunction with PPC advertising could be used to effectively manage your entire visible search presence.

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