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Social Media Management

Expand your client base and social reach beyond your wildest dreams. Social media is waiting for you to exploit it's potential.

Social Media Management / Training

Social media can be a powerful part of your marketing mix when done right. The numerous platforms provide a truly global reach and can be utilised to engage with your customer base, identify new followers and build a respected and responsive social audience.

Social media is an often overlooked part of your marketing strategy and even if you are using social platforms it's important that you offer the correct tone of voice and blend between business & more direct/personal/social tweets.

We currently offer social media management solutions for Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn. The exact solution varies from client to client but typically your social media budget is allocated to a strategy comprising of two components, 1) Content Building, 2) Paid Advertising.

Content Building aims to create a flow of high quality posts through your various social media accounts, with a mix of both image and text based posts/tweets in order to fully engage your audience.

Paid advertising can be used in conjunction with the content building activity in order to give your campaign an extra lift. Using a combination of ad-types, we can build new followers/likes and drive more traffic to your website than the posts would on their own merit.

Not only does Social Media make your brand come alive, it also acts as a minor ranking indicator on search engines - It's win win!.

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